Beautiful Music

June's repertoire Includes not only the great classical works but also more modem numbers In the Josh Groban style of lighter music. The integration of an African feel with Black supporting singers and instruments into some numbers adds to the wide appeal of June's offering.

June is currently widening her appeal through a new series of "Beautiful Music" concerts which offer a wide range of music from classics to the more popular ballads of today and have something for everyone.

In addition to private shows, several of these concerts have been presented in Montecaslno, Fourways and a new series Is due to start in August 2009 In Theatre on the Square, Sandton

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News & Congratulations!

  • Congratulations!!!
    Once again this year, June’s students are winning diplomas and gold medals at the preliminaries of the National Eisteddfod Academy Competitions and we are looking forward to the Finals in May of 2013.  June’s star performers include the following...
  • Upcoming Events...
    2011 Star Student Showcase November 27th
    1:30 pm for 2 pm Theatre-on-the-Square, Sandton.

    June Kraus Concert February 26th 2012
    7 pm Theatre-on-the-Square, Sandton.

    June Kraus Concert March 4th 2012